Community governance

ForTube is committed to promoting a decentralized (or multi-centralized) bond issuance and liquidation platform. The system authority and core parameters will be handed over to the community at the end. However, in the early stage of the project, in order to quickly promote project development and platform development, system authority and parameters will be maintained by ForTube developers. ForTube developers will uphold the principles of fairness and transparency. Any changes to the system will be promptly notified to the community.

Currently, the system parameters maintained by ForTube developers include but are not limited to:

· Supported crypto assets and their collateralization rate, maximum number of bonds that can be issued, liquidation discounts, etc.

· The basic parameters of bond issuance, such as coupon interest rate, bond duration, issuance fee, rating service fee, etc.

· Time parameters, such as credit rating period, bond issuance duration, repayment grace period, etc.

· Bond credit rating setting

· Credible oracle price-feed program.