Main participants

Issuer: It can be an individual, a project party, or even a real entity. The issuer needs to have certain repayment ability and pledge the crypto assets it holds as repayment guarantee. Due to the large volatility of the value of crypto assets, issuers need to over-collateralized the cryptocurrency and face the risk of liquidation at the same time.

Investors: The ForTube platform provides investors with bond products with considerable returns and relatively controllable risks. Investors who hold USDT, DAI, USDC and other stable coins can easily participate in bond investment. Bond products will be secured by over-collateralized crypto assets, and liquidators will promptly liquidate non-performing assets to protect investors' rights and interests.

Rater: It can be an individual or a professional rating agency holding FOR, the Force Protocol ecological token. Participating in bond credit ratings can obtain rating service fees.

Liquidator: an individual or program that handles bad debts in the system. The ForTube platform provides a liquidation interface where everyone can participate in liquidation and obtain liquidation service fees.