With ForTube Bank, users are able to earn interests by depositing their digital assets in the smart contract. Meanwhile, they will obtain loan quotas, and are allowed to lend an amount of their cryptocurrency that is within the quota. Users no longer need to pay attention to the duration and can withdraw or pay anytime, regardless of whether it is a deposit or a loan.

When the borrower's outstanding loan exceeds the limited ratio of its collateral, the system will seize the user's assets and start the liquidation process. Now, arbitrageurs are allowed to call the liquidation contract and replace the seized assets at a certain discount. Since various digital assets differ in market size, liquidity, price stability, etc., their collateral rates, liquidation discounts, etc. will not be the same. Please check the following table for product information.

Table Bank Information Table

Key element




Collateral rate


Liquidation discount


Margin closeout

When the total deposited asset volume is less than the value of borrowed volume multiplied by the sum of staking rate, a margin closeout will be made

Annual lending interest rate

1.5% to 20%

Annual deposit interest rate

0 to 18%,the annual deposit interest rate is decided by the annual lending interest rate and usage rate. Formula:

annual deposit interest rate = annual lending interest rate * usage rate * 0.9

The maximum amount of one token that can be lent in the contract

= [(Sum of all deposit - sum of all borrowed assets*corresponding collateral rate) ÷ the minimum collateral rate of the corresponding token] ÷ the price of the corresponding token

The maximum amount of one token that can be lent in the page

= the maximum amount of each token that users can borrow in the contract × (1 - token liquidation discount)