QIAN System Governance

The main participants of the QIAN system include QIAN miners, QIAN holders and holders of the governance token FOR. The purpose of system governance is to balance the interests of all participants, and to maintain a stable, sustainable and healthy development of the system on the basis of a certain level of trade-offs.

For QIAN miners, the main risks are the fall in reserve asset prices and the potential redemption difficulty after the assets are locked by the system. Main benefits include gaining liquidity, value storage, and risk hedging. Based on research on similar projects in the industry, we believe that within a reasonable risk range, the mining of QIAN should be encouraged, which is beneficial to the development of the QIAN system. So we designed an adjustable interest mechanism. The core demand of QIAN holders is the stability of its exchange rate, so we designed a mechanism to maintainexchange rate stability.

FOR holders are the ultimate beneficiaries or risk takers of the entire system. FOR holders decide the management of the system through voting and the approved proposals can modify the internal management variables of the QIAN platform. These variables include but are not limited to:

1.Add new reserve assets

2.Choose a trusted oracle

3.Adjust interest

4.Adjust the interest rate for Flash Loan

5.Risk parameters:debt ceiling, initial lock ratio, redemption ceiling, warning line, etc. for each reserve asset