Membership System

To better identify the user needs,ForTube has launched a new membership system in which 8% of the monthly revenue being allocated to members to encourage their contribution to ForTube ecological development.

With the increase of the star value , the membership ranking will be upgraded. The daily interest generated by deposit and borrow operations will be converted into the dollar value with the coefficients of X1 and X1.5 respectively. The star value will be cleared at the end of each month.

ForTube users with star value ranked in top 10% could enjoy the reward of Platinum Member, and star value ranked in top (10%,40%]could enjoy the reward of Gold Member, while the rest could enjoy the reward of Star Member.

On the 1st day of each month, the ForTube protocol will allocate 8% revenue of previous month and issue rewards in the form of FOR token based on membership ranking. Specifically, 30% is allocated to Platinum members, 35% to Gold members, and 35% to Star members.

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