Adding Assets

ForTube enables users to deposit and borrow crypto assets through the pooling of funds. Depositors receive protocol-issued interest bearing fTokens, which gather deposits and the interest generated.

The following constraints should be soundly considered when adding assets in ForTube Protocol:

Each additional asset will slightly increase the gas cost of the borrow and redeem actions permanently. The asset must be included in the smart contract, adding complexity and thus costs.

Each asset added to ForTube protocol as collateral will increase the protocol risk of insolvency. From a financial perspective, the assets of FoTube Protocol are the collateral assets, while the liabilities are the borrowed amounts. Most of the collaterals are assets with large market volatility, while most of the borrowed assets are stable assets with good stability.This means ForTube protocol is heavily exposed to the failure of supported collateral systems as well as market fluctuations.

Assets only enabled for depositing and borrowing bring lower risk for the protocol. Assets which can only be used for borrowing should always be excessively backed by other assets as the collaterals.

Therefore, when selecting and adding new assets, ForTube will conduct 【Asset Rating 】and【Pools Segregation】for such assets, so as to maintain the security and stability of the system.

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