Financial Security

ForTube financial risk control will learn from the accumulated experience and models of the existing financial risk control industry for many years, and formulate risk control models and rules suitable for ForTube’s own business characteristics based on the characteristics of blockchain financial applications. The ForTube financial risk control system will strengthen the financial security of the platform from two major levels, which are the system level and the individual level.

The system-level system mainly refers to the financial risks and corresponding treatments that occur at the contract and backend levels. Regarding the global risks, such as the unauthorized use of contract management accounts and multi-signature systems, abnormal price sources and price feed nodes of the oracle, large amount of deposits and withdrawals, substantial decline in the health of positions, or trigger liquidation, the platform has formulated rigorous and rapid monitoring and disposal systems to effectively prevent these high-risk financial abnormalities.

The individual-level system mainly refers to the financial risks and corresponding treatments that occur at the user or token level. For example, abnormal user openings, a large number of deposits and withdrawals, frequent small transactions, high-frequency transactions, multiple account operation, abnormal user-health indexes, multiple liquidations, associated liquidations, low-credit addresses, etc., the risk control system will quickly locate users or tokens at risk, send warnings to managers by emails and text messages, at the same time, instruct the contract to prohibit specific users’ operations or close transactions in designated tokens.

ForTube V3 will gradually build a risk control rule engine and upgrade the risk control model, so that all ForTube business processes are in a complete risk control closed loop. ForTube will also carry out data collection and research, automatically identify and alert sources of risks such as abnormal transactions, and assist in the formulation and execution of long-term risk control strategies. ForTube will cooperate with more professionally qualified risk assessment agencies and project audit agencies to jointly complete the iterative upgrade of the risk control system.

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