Oracle Security

In order to provide users with a better experience, ForTube platform has more than 40 available currencies, which is more than other lending platforms. Therefore, the oracle system is also a big challenge.

ForTube V3 will once again upgrade and optimize the oracle system, using a combination of decentralized oracles and self-feeding. The mainstream currencies use decentralized oracles to provide quotations, including cooperation with well-known oracles projects such as ChainLink and Band. For other currencies that the decentralized oracle does not provide quotations, it uses a multi-node cluster to feed its own prices, and applies multiple algorithms to reduce the quotation deviation of the price data source, more accurately identify and eliminate any abnormal quotations, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the price feeds. We will upgrade the price feed contract, introduce a price balance protection mechanism, and conduct comprehensive identification and verification of quotations in all dimensions.

The self-feeding nodes will absorb the node cluster concept of the decentralized oracle platform, and form a distributed decentralized node cluster that is physically isolated from each other. Different nodes will be completely isolated and maintained by different personnel, and management rights will not be interoperable. Effectively improve the decentralization and security of the node cluster, and realize the effective unity of scalability and security on the oracle system.

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